About the California Delta

The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta is an expansive inland river delta and the largest estuary on the United States Pacific Coast. The fan-like area of the delta moves downstream as the rivers are forced to exit the Central Valley through the Coast Range via the narrow channel known as the Carquinez Strait which leads to the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate by way of the San Francisco Bay.

Perry’s Boat Harbor is located on the California Delta Loop and is a  scenic road with excellent choices of restaurants, bars, shops, marinas and camp grounds. The California Delta Loop has over 1000 miles of ever changing waterways to view and enjoy.  These exciting waterways are available for boating, fishing, water skiing, wake boarding, and kite surfing to name a few. The Delta region is comprised of 738,000 acres in six counties.

The California Delta is host to many events throughout the year see the activities calendar on the California Delta Loop website.